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We breed stunning purebred Siberian Huskies in the beautiful countryside of Australia. We have dogs direct from Canada & New Zealand, and all of our dogs have international backgrounds. Some places include United States of America, South Africa, Poland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Some of our dogs also have the old Isbok bloodline. We've even got our fur kids in the United States!


Our huskies have close relatives who starred in the popular 'Walt Disney' movies "Snow Buddies", "Snow Dogs", "Iron Will", "The Last Trapper", "Eight Below", many National Geographic documentaries and many more famous titles!

We are one of the only breeders in the Southern Hemishpere with Pure white breeding lines - Which is very rare quality for the Siberian Husky breed entirely!




(On set; filming Walt Disney's "Snow Dogs" in Canada)

These Huskies are not just dogs, they're famous Movie-stars!

Mr. R Spencer